The JAR:Emulate product range offers a variety of Network Emulators that can be tailored to meet your specific testing requirements. From the “Lite” range right up to our 40,000 model from two interfaces to twelve, in a combination of copper and/or fibre. We fit your needs – today and tomorrow.
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Network emulation

10,000 and 40,000 Models

  • The 10,000 series provide 10 Gbps fibre and copper interfaces (up to 12 ports)
  • 40,000 series provides 40 Gbps interfaces (up to 12 ports)
  • Both series offer clients the ability to create as many independent emulations as required and includes every tool as standard
  • Hundreds of impairments in your emulation map all executing at the same time; allowing for complex emulations scenarios.

Download Technical Datasheet

1G and 10G Datasheet Download

Download the datasheet for detailed information about the JAR:Emulate product range and features.

Download Datasheet

datasheet download

Network Emulation

1,000 and 100 Models

  • The 1,000 and 100 series provide 1 Gbps RJ45 / Copper interfaces with up to 12 interfaces
  • Their precision hardware and advanced feature sets ensure pinpoint accuracy of emulations and total control over your scenarios parameters
  • These high performance units can deliver multiple emulation scenarios and handle hundreds of impairments simultaneously!

Download Technical Datasheet

Network Emulation

Lite and Portalable Units

  • The JAR:Emulate Lite series is a range of portable, low cost emulators
  • Provide throughput speeds of 2, 10 or 45 Mbps (bi-directionally) to suit your needs and budget
  • Ideal for individual developers and testers
  • The small sized Lite models are desktop/hand held hardware units that provide accurate virtual network environments for those who do not require the higher throughput of our rack mountable units.

Download Technical Datasheet

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Our unbeatable flexibility extends to our hardware too!

We can provide emulators with any mixture of physical ports; even putting 10Gb/s fiber optic modules in 1,000 class units! Even if you think your requirements might be pretty unique give us a call or drop us an e-mail. In addition to the standard range (as above) we can create a bespoke solution to fit your specific needs.

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