With the rate of change in technology in acceleration,
don’t be the one left behind saying ‘in hindsight I would have tested more!’

Speed is of the essence these days; everything needs to be created and delivered faster than ever before, whether it is food, breaking news or a new piece of technology.

In retail, Argos now offer same day delivery through their ‘fast-track’ service, in transport the high profile HS2 Rail Project in the UK claims it will speed up travel time between London and other key cities and even McDonalds is now offering mobile ordering to make fast food even faster!

The common theme throughout most of these cases is that technology plays a key role in the delivery of each. But like these services, the technology that enables them is also on its own fast-track. The speed of change in technology is accelerating with everyone often focused on who the next ‘disrupter’ will be. The one set to transform (at speed) the way an industry operates, leaving the competition in its wake and scrambling to keep up. However the faster things change in the digitalised world, the greater the expectation is from those using the technology, and the higher the expectation, the greater the risk!

With great expectation can come great disappointment!

If the end product or experience does not match up there is only one outcome – disappointment! The risk of failure in many cases is too great to ignore, all the hard work and time spent in R&D, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Legal and many other departments can be instantly wasted due to a failure post deployment!

This means that as well speed of delivery and being first to market, quality plays an equally vital role in the success or failure of a tech based project. Despite this, testing isn’t always a priority and is often simply viewed as something that will just slow things down when the competition or deadline is fast approaching.

But more often than not it is those who have skipped testing that are themselves quickly faced with problems post deployment or launch. Having to deal with negative tweets spreading like wildfire, unhappy colleagues facing deadlines and a ‘system failure’, or in a worst case scenario a legal case mounting due to failures in meeting contract SLA’s.

Challenge yourself and view testing differently

Testing doesn’t always have to add days to the project timeline. Just by changing the approach to the use of testing solutions can actually speed up project delivery. Many view testing as something that is done at the end, but when it comes to network emulation it can actually be used from the very beginning.

Testing with network emulation is more than just getting pass marks and green lights, it is an enabler, providing insight and analytics on which project decisions can be made.

Having the ability and freedom to run ‘what if’ scenarios when designing networks means critical evaluations of performance under best, average and worst network conditions can be made. Or testing applications and determining how they will perform for the end user can enable troubleshooting to resolve issues before a failure ever occurs.

‘In hindsight’ isn’t a saying that should ever need to be used when it comes to deploying projects across networks, ‘forewarned is forearmed’ seems much more appropriate!

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