8 Scenarios To Create With Network Emulation

1. Delay and Throttle packets with background traffic

Packets can be delayed and throttled to simulate a classic use of network emulation. In addition we add in some background traffic to add contention as experienced in real world environments.

2. Filter HTTP traffic and (remotely) analyze packets in real-time with wire-shark

Analyze HTTP traffic passing through the network emulator. Filter all packets looking to inspect just HTTP marked packets. This inspection occurs on your local machine – a key feature of our network emulator.

3. Build a simple ADSL network

Building the classic ADSL (or broadband) connection provides a good introduction into the power of virtual routers. Explore their functionality and provide limited WAN links between devices connected to the emulator.

4. Switch a link to fail-over connection and back again

Most enterprise solutions exist on dedicated links, with redundant back-up links and provide in-case of primarily link failure. Design an emulation to simulate this condition and the restoration of the primary link.

5. Build 3 remote data-centres

Build 3 remote data-centres each connected to a unique port on the emulator. Each port effectively will act as a gateway at that data centre location, with multiple paths between each data-centre.

6. Simulate a self-healing multi-hop network using OSPF

Impairments network emulation

Redundancy and ‘resistance to faults’ are core requirements of enterprise software. Explore the design of an emulation that simulates real-life multi-hop networks. Create outages, view routing table information and see the self-healing in operation.

7. Add default parameters to 50 VLAN ID’s

Corrupt hundreds of VLAN’s or MPLS’s tagged streams. JAR:Emulate provides instancers that allows you to specify default impairments on a rages or list of VLAN / MPLS tags. Override individual VLAN / MPLS tagged stream with unique impairments.

8. Simulate varying network conditions in real-time (4G wireless mobile)

Networks never stay the same, they change over time. Explore the creation of fast changing conditions to simulate the varying signal received by a mobile phone on 4G network.

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