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  • Flexible drag and drop functionality for network simulation and emulation.
  • Visual Design Process
  • Extensive list of impairments beyond simple delay, jitter and bandwidth to meet your specific testing scenarios.
network emulation request demo

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Use JAR:Emulate to:

  • Trouble Shoot
    Investigate reported problems and test resolutions without disrupting production traffic.
  • Design Networks
    ‘What if’ scenario building to evaluate network changes – evaluate different topologies and technologies before expensive implementation. For example evaluate WAN Acceleration Technology: Determine how different WAN optimisation products will perform under the best/average/worst conditions of your network.
  • Test Application Performance
    Determine how your software will perform for the end user on their network before deployment; trouble shoot and resolve issues before the need for re-work, release delay or failure.
  • Optimize Performance:
    Adjust application and software settings under replicated network characteristics to optimize performance for different user groups.
network emulation instant demo