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Why network testing?
We live in a digital world and rely on applications to drive business success. Risk of business interruption and pressure to increase speed to market means failure is not an option. Applications and networks need to work first time, every time, all the time.

Testing before deployment is critical. Simulating networks and emulating real world conditions with JAR:Emulate helps businesses to get predictable infrastructure performance.

How can you test network infrastructure with JAR:Emulate?

Whether you want to emulate point to point links with latency and bandwidth throttles or simulate complex data centres with multiple gateways and interconnecting links, with JAR:Emulate you can build networks in seconds.
Using a visual design process to build emulations, you can take control by linking together impairments in the order you require, whilst directly controlling the flow of packets around your simulated network.

JAR:Emulate Partner Opportunity

Why JAR:Emulate?

  • A flexible solution – Software and Hardware
    Our software’s intuitive GUI can be downloaded direct to the users computer.
    With multiple ports the JAR:Emulate hardware device can be set up between the number of network segments the user requires and wants to introduce impairments to. There are no limitations on the configuration of network devices on either side of the segments.
  • Full control and Visualisation
    Users have full control through a ‘drag and drop’ user interface and independent emulation links can be tailored to meet exact requirements through a fully visualised process.
  • ‘Any Port to Any Port’.
    4, 8, 24 Ports? Regardless of the number of ports needed or being used, they all communicate with each other so packets can be sent between each and any port for complete flexibility. Other emulators will provide multiple ports but each will only communicate with their paired port restricting where packets can be sent.

What is the opportunity?

With networks, what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. Continuous testing is essential to get predictable infrastructure performance. The investment in infrastructure testing is increasing with a predicted YOY growth rate of 25% through to 2020.

The network emulation market offers you an opportunity to profit from growing technology trends.

Sectors such as: Tech, Telecoms, Aerospace, Government Defence and Finance all offer significant growth opportunities for JAR:Emulate.

Why become a JAR:Emulate Partner?

JAR:Emulate is a unique world leading product with limited competition. Sharing the JAR:Emulate opportunity with you means we can work together to help businesses in your region or market gain access to a flexible and easy WAN Emulation solution at a competitive price. As a JAR:Emulate accredited partner you can rapidly grow your business through direct sales or as an expansion to the range of solutions you can offer your customers.

What do you get?

Technical Support

Flexible Support – Our technical support contracts provide you and your customers with a direct support team freeing you up to focus on your sales. Our support teams are flexible and will work with you and your customers to ensure that any feature requests are delivered where possible.

New release updates – You will receive a notification of any new software or feature updates and full training on what the features can enable you to do.

Technical Training – You will have access to a range of webinars which will demonstrate feature use and a ‘how to’ scenarios.


Demo – We will provide you with the guidance of how to effectively demonstrate the JAR:Emulate product to your customers.

Documentation – You will receive a marketing pack including JAR:Emulate Brochure, Technical Specification and Quick Start Guide.

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