Network Manager
Design, test and identify optimal network plans
to meet your client’s or business needs.

Get proof of concept

for projects prior to investment being made to ensure project viability and ROI.

Optimize testing budgets

with a commercially viable testing solution for applications and devices with longevity.
No licence commitment post initial purchase.

Enable your engineering team to;

  • Ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for users.
  • Get assurance of software and device performance on new network architecture prior to an upgrade
  • Test out potential ‘what if’ scenarios to determine the best solution for disaster recovery situations and mitigate associated risks to ensure business continuity.
  • Optimize performance – Adjust application and software settings under replicated network characteristics to optimize performance for different user groups.
  • Identify optimal communications networks for running common software and devices used across organisations.
  • Troubleshoot – investigate reported problems and test resolutions without disrupting production traffic.
  • How does it work

A commercially viable testing solution

for applications and devices providing longevity. Own the hardware, no recurring licence commitment post initial purchase to access functionality.

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