Military Services
Discover how Military services can embrace
network emulation.

The Challenge

Military services rely on applications for mission critical tasks such as voice communications, battlefield management systems and logistical support systems.

Applications run over satellite networks – experience long delays and considerable data loss, as the signal travels to and from orbiting vehicles, through fluctuating atmospheric conditions.

In addition inherent challenges of IP networks means there is also the factor of hostile intent to consider and how battlefield critical applications will handle issues such as jamming.

Those in military planning and R&D face challenges in discovering and eliminating performance related risks including:

  • More Demanding real-time performance requirements
  • Complex Multi-tier networks
  • Interregional and global communication spans
  • Greater mobility of staff / equipment
  • Greater risk of international interference

Use case example: Battlefield Simulation

Certainty over battlefield simulation systems meeting stringent end-to-end service level agreements under all possible field conditions is essential.

The Solution

Rigorous testing and troubleshooting of applications in an emulated network environment prior to release. Accurate emulation of the wide spectrum of conditions including:

  • Satellite – KA-Band/Ku-Band
  • TCP/IP Communication Systems – VOIP, ROIP, IP over wireless

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