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With changes in technology moving at a fast pace, the research and development activities that underpin new technology projects are also ever evolving. Research labs within Electrical Engineering Departments and Schools of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science within academic institutions are undertaking various types of projects within their labs, discovering how network performance will impact various sectors and activities.

The Challenge

Many sectors rely upon academic research lab activities to help revolutionise the way they operate. Projects provide data and insights which help inform decision making on the investment into new projects across many sectors including technology, health, construction, manufacturing, retail and telecoms. With a general trend towards digitalization, technology now plays a key role influencing areas such as operations, management or production. This means that testing out the performance of these technological aspects across networks where they will be required to perform is essential in identifying data and insights on which to base decisions.

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The Solution

For those who are setting up or running a research lab and require the ability to test out a product performance across networks, adding network emulation into their testbed can provide a flexible solution. The ability to create networks and their real world conditions provide the insight required to conclude whether a project is viable or if they require work to make sure that they will perform as they need to once in a live sector environment.

How does it work

For large projects requiring accuracy

and high throughput levels a rack mounted unit can be added to the lab environment and the JAR:Emulate Lite unit provides the flexibility for use across multiple projects where different people need to test at different project stages. The portable desktop/hand held hardware units provide accurate virtual network environments for those who do not require the higher throughput of a rack mountable unit, making them ideal for use within a teaching environment.

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