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Build Networks in seconds

JAR:Emulate enables you to quickly build networks in seconds. Whether you are interested in emulating point to point links with latency and bandwidth throttles, or simulating complex data-centres with multiple gateways and interconnecting links. Build these emulations through a visual design process.

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Impairments network emulation


Shipping with the 10 standard impairments, you’ll be amazed that there is an additional 45+ tools available to allow complete design and control over your emulations.
Whether it’s filtering, traffic generation, virtual routers or statistical analysis you have control over their operation.

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Filtering network emulation


It’s very important to be able to identify and target certain streams of data on an emulated network. JAR:Emulate
provides a host of built-in filters to identify packets for impairment or analysis. Furthermore you can join filters together to create more complex filters (for example, you could find HTTP traffic going to Port 8080 on VLAN ID 90 with only 2 filters).

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load generators network emulation

Load Generation

Very few networks are silent; there is always a certain amount of background traffic. Whether it is file servers, printers or other devices generating traffic, it is important to model this correctly. JAR:Emulate provides a number of ways of generating this traffic including background traffic generation (contention), TCP load generators, PCAP file replay, etc.

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virtual routing network emulation

Virtual Routers

Routers effectively sit at the edge of most networks; they provide your ADSL connection in your business or accessibility to a cloud server through an ISP backbone.
JAR:Emulate contains full Virtual Router simulation, providing a method for simulating multi-hop WAN networks.

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comprehensive settings network emulation

Comprehensive settings

Not only do we include 45+ impairments with our emulators, but each one of those impairments has extensive options and settings to uniquely control their operation. This gives you a unparalleled level of fine tuning; such as buffer and burst management on bandwidth throttles or affecting only B-Frames in H.264 video streams.

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network emulation technnical specification

Technical specification

Detailed information about the JAR:Emulate product range and features.



What is your role?

Discover how network emulation can be used in your role

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Demo network emulation

See in action

Watch a video demonstrating the flexible UI that enables you to drag and drop…

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More Features
wire rate network emulation

Wire Rate

All core models provide full wire-rate but we understand that you might need 10Gb/s ports but only want to put 1Gb/s through the emulator. JAR:Emulate can be tailored to your individual throughput needs.

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ui wizards network emulation

Flexible UI with Wizards

Our user interfaces run on Windows, Linux or Mac and provides a fast and responsive environment for you to build emulations. We’ve included some fantastic wizards to quickly create example networks and don’t lock you down to restrictive licensing (install it on as many machines as you want!).

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enterprise options network emulation

Enterprise Options

Our emulators often form the backbone of complex “always on” testing environments, therefore our product includes all those enterprise necessary features – including SNMP Traps, NTP and PTPv2 time synchronisation, execute emulation on power-up, trigger packets for emulation events, etc.

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switchover and backup circuits network emulation

Switchover and back-up circuits

Built on top of our fantastic filtering system, you can easily simulate multiple paths in any network and switch between them in real-time (or using an external trigger). This allows you to model a “good” and “poor” network and switch between them in
real-time, furthermore you can create an unlimited number of paths.

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automation network emulation

Automation Ready

We understand that everyone’s automation environments are different. JAR:Emulate can be controlled externally through a network of methods. You are provided with a CLI application (Windows, Linux or Mac) for controlling execution from the command line. Whilst developers can directly issue XML requests to the emulator to gain deeper and full control of its operation.

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any port to port network emulation

“Any Port to Any Port”™

JAR:Emulate ship with true “Any Port to Any Port”™ capabilities. Whether you are using 4, 8 or 24 ports they will all communicate with each other. Others emulate products may state you are buying a ‘4 port emulator’ but often what you actually get is 2 ’emulators’ each with 2 ports inside a single box. There may be 4 ports on the outside, but what you have got is 2 independent emulators and you won’t be able to send packets between each. So effectively you have got 2 emulators with 2 ports, not the 4 ports you need.

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Can’t see the feature your project requires?

Even if you think you’re requirements might be pretty unique get in touch. In addition to the features we can create a bespoke solution to fit your specific needs.

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