Embrace network emulation in your role and get predictable infrastructure performance.

Whether you are an Academic, Software Developer / QA Engineer / Software Tester, Procurement Manager / Specialist, Network Engineer, Network Manager / IT Manager or Network Architect / Designer, network emulation is a commercially viable and reliable testing solution that can help solve your testing problems.

How does it work?

JAR:Emulate – A flexible and commercially viable network emulation solution, easily integrated into your testbed.

Key features

Hardware and Software Solution

Hardware performance with software flexibility


Beyond simple delay, jitter and bandwidth – Simulate real-life complex networks and emulate their changing conditions.

Visual Design Process

Link together impairments in the order you require and control the flow of packets.

Graphical User Interface

Drag and drop impairments to create specific scenarios to meet testing needs.

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What is your industry?

Discover how network emulation can be used in your industry

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See in action

Watch a video demonstrating our flexible UI that enables you to build networks in seconds.

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