Testing the performance of video across networks with Network Emulation

JAR:Emulate offers some of the most comprehensive testing tools for testing video on the market today. Whether it be corruption of IPTV streams, examining video conferencing or CCTV feeds we have a range of tools that will give you complete control of your emulation requirements.

Dedicated impairments in the JAR:Emulate network emulator allow smart degradation of video (H.264), audio streaming, RTP, RTCP and much more. You can understand how robust your AV equipment is to corruption of video or audio framing and view analytics information on video format internals.

In doing this you can test out the application used to stream the content, replicating the exact conditions you expect it to perform under and get a visual of the output exactly as the end user audience would.

Impairments network emulation

Audio Visual Impairments

  • MPEG/H.264 Corruptor: The advanced filtering impairment feature ‘MPEG/H.264 Corruptor’ provides the ability to both corrupt and drop H.264 frames from an incoming video stream. The impairment provides an extensive set of options to fully test streaming Internet Protocol television (IPTV) technologies.

  • Impairments network emulation
  • MPEG Video Filter: This tool filters video packets based on contents and had options for MPEG Transport container, MPEG video version (v2 or v4) frame selection and UDP/RTP source/destination ports.

  • RTP Filter: A filter that extracts (and therefore apply impairments too) RTP packets using either a standard or advanced mode.

  • H.264 TAP device This TAP device provides detailed information on any H.264 streams that are passing through the TAP.

Click Here to download the JAR:Emulate Technical Specification to learn more about JAR:Emulate features.

Video Conferencing

The JAR:Emulate network emulator tool is a versatile product which can be used a across many industries. Demand for our solution in the broadcast communication sector is increasingly prevalent.

Testing performance of video conferencing solutions is an important part of ensuring a high quality user experience. In a highly competitive market it is vital that users understand how performance of the application and user experience is impacted by differing quality network connections.

A leading global technology organisation recently implemented the JAR:Emulate solution into their testing process to enable them to test the video conferencing feature in their application collaboration tool. They wanted to ensure that users experienced consistent performance across a variety of network conditions delivering excellent quality of experience to their customers.

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