Testing SD-WAN with Network Emulation

In an increasingly digital world software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is an effective network solution for operating multiple connection types such as MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc. for enterprise networks separated by distance such as data centres and branch offices.

SD-WAN not only minimizes the management of varying connections but is also much more cost-effective than legacy WAN architecture. According to Gartner “SD-WAN can reduce operating time by 75% compared to traditional branch routers.”

Today enterprises greatly rely on wide-area networks to support cloud-based applications with high bandwidth requirements, need reliability and quality to meet business needs.

To ensure optimal application performance ‘quality of service’ is always a critical factor for applications as users expect the same high performing experience regardless of location.

Applications must be continuously tested under real-world network conditions by being subjected to impairments such as latency, jitter and packet loss to understand the end-user experience. Using the JAR:Emulate network emulator you can test the network adding real-world impairments and discover how applications will perform under a specific set of conditions.

Using our flexible UI you can visually build networks, using the drag and drop functionality to select impairments from the extensive list to create a network map. Network managers and architects can rely on the JAR:Emulate product range to validate SD-WAN performance.

Use some of JAR:Emulate’s unique capabilities to verify SD-WANs:

  • Perform path selection based on performance
  • Switch paths to better link on failover
  • Use JAR:Emulate multi-Port and “Any Port to Any Port” capabilities to investigate multiple scenarios on one map
  • Emulate SD-WAN conditions by applying jitter, delay and packet loss to multiple paths in the SD-WAN and cause the service to switch.
Impairments network emulation

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