Why Hardware is the obvious choice when investing in an emulation product

When investing in an emulation product, real return on investment can only be measured and delivered when you can understand and quantify exactly what you are getting from your chosen tool.

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3 ways network emulation can be used

Network Emulation is the process of simulating a specific network set-up and emulating the real world conditions of that network environment under which applications or platforms need to perform.

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With the rate of change in technology in acceleration, don’t be the one left behind in saying ‘in hindsight I would have tested more!’

Speed is of the essence these days; everything needs to be created and delivered faster than ever before, whether it is food, breaking news or a new piece of technology.

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Reduce the risk of failure in video streaming with network emulation and deliver an exceptional customer experience

Today’s broadcast audiences are seeking more. They want user defined, on demand content. They want access to real-life experiences like live concerts and sports events. They value feeling ‘in the moment’ and are seeking the experience through video streaming and live social media.Today’s broadcast audiences are seeking more.

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Reducing the hidden cost of innovation with Network Emulation

Innovation in business has been a hot topic for a number of years, underpinning the ability to become a ‘digital business’ and compete in a global market that is fast paced and continually changing.

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Reducing Risk in Data Centre Relocation with WAN Emulation

Risk is something that all businesses are faced with and almost all elements of business operations create some level of risk. Often however, many risks will have a low level of probability (likelihood of something happening) and limited potential impact on the business and so are mitigated relatively easily enabling operations to continue.

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