3 ways network emulation can be used

Network Emulation is the process of simulating a specific network set-up and emulating the real world conditions of that network environment under which applications or platforms need to perform.

Taking this approach enables troubleshooting and the opportunity to resolve related issues, before deployment and before they become a live user problem!

How can it be used?

1. IT Pre-Deployment

To test and get verification of how a business enterprise or data center will perform before rolling out new applications or expanding the network topology or geographic spread.

network emulation it pre-deployment

2. Network Equipment Manufacturers – R & D Verification Test

Get an understanding of how the service will perform on a customer’s network using a manufactured piece of network equipment.

network emulation R & D Verification Test

3. Service Provider – Test or Proof of Concept Lab

Get an insight into what the customer Quality of Experience will be for Triple Play Services (voice, video, data) over a real network or see what IPTV quality will be like.

network emulation proof of concept

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